Denmark national team shirt – pictures of current and old Denmark shirts

Of course the Denmark national team shirt has always been known for the red and white colours. However, it has varied a lot how significant a role the white colour has been allowed to play in the design. In the 80’s there was often a lot of white on the shirts, but in recent years the red has been more dominant.


Denmark home shirts

Denmark away shirts

Denmark third shirts

Denmark keeper shirts

Denmark special edition shirts

Where do the pictures come from?

The pictures are kindly lent to us by Unisportstore.

Facts about Denmark’s national team

Here you can read some facts about Denmark’s national team and the national team shirts.

Which old Denmark national team shirt is the coolest?

It’s always fun to hear which jerseys fans like and which that are less popular. The opinions are often many and when you look back at previous presentations of Denmark shirts, this is also evident.

So feel free to share your views below – what’s the coolest Denmark national team shirt of all time?

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