Everton FC – gallery of current and old Everton shirts

1901 was the first year a fully blue Everton shirt was used. The story is that Everton was the first british club to wear blue shirt and white shorts.

Everton was though already established in 1878, so before Everton started wearing blue shirt and white shorts a lot of other combination was used. Among these was Everton shirts in black, in pink and in blue/white stripes.

According to different sources, Everton was the first english team to have numbers on their shirts. It happened in the 1933 FA Cup final.


Everton shirts (home)

Everton shirts (away)

Everton shirts (third)

Where do the pictures come from?

The pictures are kindly lent by Unisport.

Facts about Everton FC

Which old Everton shirt is the greatest?

It’s always fun to hear which shirts fans like the most – and which football shirts are less popular. The opinions are often split and when you look back at previous presentations of Everton shirts, it is evident that it is impossible for the designes to please all.

So feel free to share your views below: Which Everton shirt is the greatest of all time?

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